La Union: Second Time’s The Charm

They say that second time’s the charm, and in case of La Union, it is true!
The first time I went to La Union was almost four years ago, during the sem break of my first year in med school. My friends and I stayed at Urbiz Garden Plage, the one featured in I’m Drunk, I Love You (you’ll get this if you’re into Pinoy movies like me hehe). It was a memorable trip since it’s when I first tried surfing. Also, bonfire by the beach never fails. Ever.
On this travel diary, I’ll share how my friends and I literally just chilled in San Juan, La Union.

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Travel Diary: Two Girls Plus Baler

I realized that one way to enjoy a trip is to always lower your expectations. I never thought I would have such a blast in Baler, Aurora, considering that I’ve only tried surfing once prior to that trip (with a coach, of course haha) and that I am more of a hiking/sight-seeing type of traveller than a beach lover. I learned that Baler is so much more than its big waves and happy surfers!

If you only have a night and a bit short of two days to spend for an out-of-town trip, I definitely suggest going to Baler in Aurora. Here’s a photo diary of what happens when you set two extroverted girls on a trip up north!

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On travelling solo and discovering the beauty of Bantayan Island

I have always wanted to experience travelling alone at least once. I never thought I would do it sooner and almost unplanned. When I was presented with the opportunity to go to Cebu with a very cheap airfare, there was no time to hesitate and so, I just took the plunge. It would be my first time to go to Cebu. I originally wanted to visit the southern part of the province. However, being a broke, unemployed girl in the middle of her summer break, going to Bantayan Island proved to be a lot cheaper than swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob and canyoneering at Kawasan Falls.

This trip was filled with a lot of firsts for me, making it so precious and memorable. Basically, it was my first time to:

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Travel Diary: Mui Ne, Vietnam


I learned about this town only a few days before going to Vietnam, when my friends and I were planning for the itinerary. This photo diary has long been overdue (translation: two years!). Nonetheless, I am sure the spots we visited are still top tourist destinations today because they were nothing short of beautiful.

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When In Saigon

Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City) is a place I did not expect to like, but ended up loving very much. If you were brought up in Asia just like me, the place would offer you a sense of familiarity. But then, there are certain things that make it different in a good way. Perhaps it is because of the history of the entire country, which includes being colonized by the French, and having fought the US during the Vietnam War. Nonetheless, I bet anyone would enjoy and find comfort in this beautiful city.

I went here in the month of May, which was perfect since there were no rainfalls at all. I was used to the humidity in Manila so there was no adjustment necessary. If you have two full days to spend in the city, here are some of the things that you can do. Consider this as a sample itinerary and a travel diary at the same time. Enjoy!

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Tips for your future hike to Hulugan Falls

I have been seeing a lot of photos taken at various mountain peaks and waterfalls on Facebook and Instagram. One time, there was a friend who posted a photo of Hulugan Falls in Luisiana, Laguna. Since it was close to our hometown, my high school friends and I went on a day trip to see the beauty about two weeks ago. IT WAS AWESOME.

What a beautiful sight! #nofilter

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Laguna Road Trip

If you have a day off, and happen to be just living in Metro Manila or Region IV-A (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Quezon), you may want to have a little adventure in an inner area in Laguna.

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Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar: A Reason to Go All the Way to Bataan

I have been contemplating if I would share travel posts with you, guys. My original plan was to share only skin care and wellness tips to readers. However, I realized that keeping a healthy body also involves having a sound and happy mind, and what better way to keep one’s spirits up than to experience what life has to offer (aka travelling)! Also, the truth is, I miss the adventures now that I’ve been working as an intern in the hospital for five months now. In a way, sharing tips and photos from other places would be an escape for me. So now, I would like to share with you why Bataan (a province in Luzon, Philippines) should be marked on your maps.

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The Cetaphil Experience: When ASEAN Girls Unite at The Farm

It was my dermatologist when I was in high school who introduced me to the Cetaphil product I first used, which was the Gentle Skin Cleanser. I have become a Cetaphil fan since then so it is no surprise that I immediately followed their Facebook page. A few months ago, they posted a Continue reading