My morning skin care regimen plus the moisturizers and sunscreens that I love

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

I recently posted about the importance of knowing your skin type in order to follow an appropriate skin care regimen. In this post, I am going to share with you the few products I use every morning and the best moisturizers and sunscreens that I have tried so far. Here’s the truth — the key to a good skin is consistency, dedication, and discipline (naks, parang fitness lang haha). In short, there is no such thing as “a magical cream” to achieve a clear, healthy skin with just a single application!

My morning skin care regimen is so basic that I don’t have a hard time doing it every single day. Note that my skin is innately dry. However, I would still talk about options for those with an oily skin type. Here’s my regimen, including product reviews:

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Skin Care Basics: Know Your Skin Type

Two years ago, I was completely lost on how to start a skin care regimen. I was clueless on which type of cleanser to use or whether or not I should buy a toner. I didn’t even know what a toner was for. Is it for cleaning the face or already a medication in itself? Moisturizer — do I really need that?

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Informative Pages You Should Be Following On Facebook


A lot of people would agree with the idea of Facebook and other social media apps being a waste of our precious time. Boy, I couldn’t keep track of the total hours I spent on Facebook when I should be on a “study break.” Most of the time, those study breaks were longer than the actual studying. But then, why not make Facebook a tool to learn new things, and also to share some ideas to other people?

With that, I leave you these Facebook pages that I highly suggest you follow (mostly health-related and for Filipinos). These will make the minutes spent on scrolling your newsfeed definitely worthwhile. Now you don’t only rely on your doctor, whom you only see once in a blue moon, for health tips and advice.

Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM)

They usually post infographics regarding timely infectious diseases.

Department of Health

It helps to have a daily reminder to keep a healthy lifestyle!


World Health Organization

They share relevant tips about healthcare, of course.


Sometimes, we forget that we are part of a bigger picture. It feels good to be a part of a greater cause i.e. caring for the environment.



TIME usually posts articles on how one could be happier, and less stressed in work and in life. It also highlights entries on success. It’s a fact that a person’s mental and emotional health has a great impact on the physical being as well.



Philippine Dermatological Society

Make sure to see their older posts for more tips and information about common skin diseases.


Washing your face helps remove dirt and oil from your face, but don’t overdo it! Frequent washing can lead to dryness and irritation and can cause more breakouts. Yikes! As a general rule, it is enough to wash your face twice a day using mild soap and water. Then, gently pat your face dry once you’re done.

And last, but definitely not the least, IN FULL BLOOM! Duh! Shameless, I know. Haha!


You have the option to make these pages a priority in your newsfeed, actually. If you click “see first,” every new post would automatically show up at the beginning of your feed once you log in. Nice, right?

What are your favorite informative Facebook pages?

THE READING LIST: On exercising when you’re such a lazy bum, the many uses of laser for the skin, and your grocery cart must-haves


How are you, guys? I’m a bit nostalgic since clerkship year would officially end in nine days. We actually had our last practical exam yesterday. My batchmates and I would get our medical degree during our graduation ceremony next month. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. Four years has passed by swiftly!

Meanwhile, note that every Tuesday, the blog would be posting a list of articles from the web, all about health and beauty. I was inspired by the blog Summer Tomato to do this, actually. There are just so many stories and news out there that are worth sharing. Here’s the first one!

Happy reading! Feel free to share your favorite articles this week on the comment section below.



Do you breakout ’cause of make-up?


Sometimes, I wonder if the make-up products I’m using are the ones causing my acne breakout once in a while, aside from the monthly surge of hormones or stress from hospital work. My curiosity made me take a look at the products I use on my face and research if these are comedogenic (read: acne-causing, scroll down to learn more). I always thought that once a product is labelled as “non-comedogenic,” there is a guarantee that it wouldn’t be a culprit of acne eruption.

As it turns out, I was wrong.


Here are some of the products I use whenever I need to look made up.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Comedones are simply known to us as whiteheads and blackheads, which are the result of clogging of pores. These are tiny “bombs” that would eventually transform into acne. Hence, once a product is labeled “non-comedogenic,” it would seem like the neatly packaged facial cream or foundation would cause no “harm” (read: pimple eruption). But then, I learned that it doesn’t always hold true, given that this label is not actually regulated. There isn’t a universal standard on how a product could pass a comedogenicity test. Also, one ingredient may cause pore clogging in one person but not in another.

Meanwhile, there are studies that showed how certain substances caused comedone eruption on rats’ ears. Listed below (in alphabetical order) are the chemicals that tested positive for comedogenicity (from studies I had access to). You may want to check the ingredient list of the products you are using (instead of just trusting their claims of non-comedogenicity right away). Check their boxes, or the internet if you’ve already thrown them out.

  • butyl stearate
  • cocoa butter
  • decyl oleate
  • isocetyl stearate
  • isopropyl isostearate
  • isopropyl myristate
  • isopropyl palmitate
  • isostearyl neopentanoate
  • lanolin*
  • myristyl myristate
  • octyl palmitate
  • octyl stearate
  • sodium lauryl sulfate
  • squalene monohydroperoxide

*This is usually found in blushers, i.e. xanthene, monoazoanilinines, fluorans, and indigoids.

**You may want to take a screencap of the list using your smartphone and use it when buying cosmetic products at the mall.

After checking the ingredients of the cosmetic products I use, I came to the conclusion that I have been using products that are likely non-comedogenic. Again, I put the blame on the monthly surge of hormones for my acne breakouts. But then, what works for me may not work for you (and vice versa), so the products I’ve posted here may not be suited for everyone.

One study actually remarked that the problem of acne caused by comedogenic ingredients in cosmetics today is almost negligible. This is why I really look up to people doing research; they make the world a better place (read: pimple-free, hehe).

I would say this sunscreen I’ve been using daily for almost a year is non-comedogenic. Click here for the list of ingredients.

Meanwhile, the following chemicals may contribute to a decrease in acne:

  • nicotinamide
  • lactic acid
  • triethyl acetate
  • triethyl ethyllineolate
  • prebiotic plant extracts (more details here)
I have been using this moisturizer twice daily. Despite having lanolin alcohol (on the list aof comedogenic chemicals above), it has prebiotic extracts (barley and cucumber). They may have been balancing the effects of each other since I don’t think my occasional breakout would have been caused by this. Nonetheless, I really love this moisturizer. 

Aside from choosing the right products, there are two more things we should do.

  1. Always remove make-up before going to sleep.
  2. Regularly clean make-up brushes and sponges to avoid growth of acne-causing bacteria that would later on invade our pores.

Here’s a confession, I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my brushes either. Ooops. So, goodbye for now as I have to look for hydrogen peroxide to clean my brushes.



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MUST KNOW: Non-Laser Hair Removal

I am not sure at which point in the history of women’s vanity did girls start caring about their underarm hair (and hair elsewhere). But when I hit adolescence, I automatically had the notion, as I have observed my mom over the years, that I had to keep my underarms hair-free. Well, it is the norm until now, although I am aware that there has been a number of movements for girls to embrace their armpit hair. There are so many revolutions at this time that it gets hard to keep myself updated. Now, look at what I just found… Continue reading

The Cetaphil Experience: When ASEAN Girls Unite at The Farm

It was my dermatologist when I was in high school who introduced me to the Cetaphil product I first used, which was the Gentle Skin Cleanser. I have become a Cetaphil fan since then so it is no surprise that I immediately followed their Facebook page. A few months ago, they posted a Continue reading

Renewed Confidence — Goodbye, Acne!

A few weeks ago, I talked about how I have been having a hard time posting blog entries (about skin care) due to recent breakout on the face and how Continue reading

That acne, your self esteem, and the other things in between

Hola! Some of my friends have been wondering why I haven’t posted in a while. It’s a shame to admit this but I haven’t written a post these past few weeks because I’ve been breaking out since the start of clerkship. It’s like I have a pimple after another. The worst part is that each pimple tends to become pustular (read: kadiri, having pus or “nana”). I thought “nakakahiya naman” to write about skin care tips when I couldn’t even take good care of my own skin, or when my regimen doesn’t work for me anymore. I have the gene for instant pimple activation whenever I do not get enough sleep or during/near that time of the month. However, this is the first time for me to get this much acne and it’s actually been giving me some sort of stress.

So the thought about self esteem came to me, and I realized how physical appearance Continue reading

The truth about SPF

Whenever I had to buy sunscreen for the beach, I always found myself lost in translation. All I saw were bottles with different numbers on them — SPF 20, SPF 30, SPF 50, and so on. I just want my skin to be protected, why is everything so complicated?!

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How to maximize your visit to the dermatologist

Some people may go to their dermatologist regularly, but there are a lot who only visit their skin doctor whenever they are having an acne breakout, i.e. when the good old anti-acne cream is not working anymore. I actually consult a dermatologist only once or twice in a year!

In reality, the key to make the most out of your visit (and money!) to your doctor would be to ASK QUESTIONS! Your doctor is always there to answer your questions with the best of her/his ability. The challenge for a patient might be to think of the right questions to ask. This post is here to help you! I listed some pointers to help you formulate the right things to ask your “derma” on your next visit. You’re welcome!

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