THE READING LIST: On slowing down the aging process, exercising with a busy schedule, and the ideal image of beauty


I am writing this blog entry in my hometown, Laguna. I’ve been here since last week and it’s really amazing to be surrounded by family! I am going to keep this short since my aunt and I are very busy stuffing our mouths with food (I am guilty of not being healthy this week) in between exchanging stories. I wish I have more friends who are a lot wiser and have had several colorful life experiences. It’s great listening to their anecdotes!

*For the new readers, The Reading List is a collection of articles about health, fitness, skin care or beauty that I find to be worth our precious time, posted every two weeks here on the blog. Enjoy!

How Busy Women Make Their Workouts Happen (via Well + Good)

If these women can, so can we!

No Approved Therapeutic Claims (via Endocrine Witch)

This is a good and brief read for both patients and doctors. Patients should always ask their doctors about their medications if they have doubts before taking them, while doctors have the responsibility to educate their patients regarding their disease and their medicine.

Six Lessons on Aging from a Scientist Dedicated to Slowing It Down (via Well + Good)

Genes, food, and exercise — all of these matter.

Looks aren’t everything, believe me, I’m a model. (via Ted)

Here is something for the soul, especially for the young girls and women. It’s hard to reverse decades of brainwashing by the media about the ideal image of beauty but here’s something to ponder on before we get too caught up in making our skin look whiter or our bodies thinner (for the wrong reasons). You can read the interactive script but the video is much better for there were images being flashed by the speaker.

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Informative Pages You Should Be Following On Facebook


A lot of people would agree with the idea of Facebook and other social media apps being a waste of our precious time. Boy, I couldn’t keep track of the total hours I spent on Facebook when I should be on a “study break.” Most of the time, those study breaks were longer than the actual studying. But then, why not make Facebook a tool to learn new things, and also to share some ideas to other people?

With that, I leave you these Facebook pages that I highly suggest you follow (mostly health-related and for Filipinos). These will make the minutes spent on scrolling your newsfeed definitely worthwhile. Now you don’t only rely on your doctor, whom you only see once in a blue moon, for health tips and advice.

Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM)

They usually post infographics regarding timely infectious diseases.

Department of Health

It helps to have a daily reminder to keep a healthy lifestyle!


World Health Organization

They share relevant tips about healthcare, of course.


Sometimes, we forget that we are part of a bigger picture. It feels good to be a part of a greater cause i.e. caring for the environment.



TIME usually posts articles on how one could be happier, and less stressed in work and in life. It also highlights entries on success. It’s a fact that a person’s mental and emotional health has a great impact on the physical being as well.



Philippine Dermatological Society

Make sure to see their older posts for more tips and information about common skin diseases.


Washing your face helps remove dirt and oil from your face, but don’t overdo it! Frequent washing can lead to dryness and irritation and can cause more breakouts. Yikes! As a general rule, it is enough to wash your face twice a day using mild soap and water. Then, gently pat your face dry once you’re done.

And last, but definitely not the least, IN FULL BLOOM! Duh! Shameless, I know. Haha!


You have the option to make these pages a priority in your newsfeed, actually. If you click “see first,” every new post would automatically show up at the beginning of your feed once you log in. Nice, right?

What are your favorite informative Facebook pages?

THE READING LIST: On exercising when you’re such a lazy bum, the many uses of laser for the skin, and your grocery cart must-haves


How are you, guys? I’m a bit nostalgic since clerkship year would officially end in nine days. We actually had our last practical exam yesterday. My batchmates and I would get our medical degree during our graduation ceremony next month. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. Four years has passed by swiftly!

Meanwhile, note that every Tuesday, the blog would be posting a list of articles from the web, all about health and beauty. I was inspired by the blog Summer Tomato to do this, actually. There are just so many stories and news out there that are worth sharing. Here’s the first one!

Happy reading! Feel free to share your favorite articles this week on the comment section below.



Getting Your Dream Body: Expectations vs Reality

They say that in order to win, you should know how to deal with your enemy. But what would you do when your enemy is yourself? Like when you’re trying to achieve that dream body of yours, nobody actually tells you that you should not do it. I consider myself a victor after leaving my obese self behind a few years back. However, I find it hard to get my dream body (read: fit and toned, thigh gap unnecessary). But why is it so hard? I’ve always tried but then I can’t seem to finish what I have started every single f**king time! Continue reading

Yoga to try it!

Just so you know, it took me hours to come up with that title. Haha

It was three years ago when I first tried yoga. During that time, I was a first year medical student occasionally usually being burnt out by all the readings and stress. I also noticed that I have gained some weight due to months of drinking unlimited cups of coffee and mindless eating.

I wanted an exercise that would help me lose weight, build and tone my muscles, and at the same time, would only take away a bit of my time. I found (and really like!) two exercises — Power Yoga (aka Vinyasa) and Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred.

Continue reading

How I Bid Farewell to Obesity

As a child, I super (AS IN SUPER) enjoyed eating. I loved rice with savory viand (sometimes, even for snack!), bread, chocolates, junk food, you name it! I was not always hungry but I liked tasting food ALL THE TIME. Okay, you have my permission to judge me. Haha. I  did not really care about my food choices because, duh, I was just a child! And why does junk food have to taste so good?! My parents also did not stop me from eating. They did warn me from time to time that I’m getting heavier, but they never hid food from me, never let me starve just to lose weight. I’ve never really posted a picture of me being overweight obese before. 

I was the biggest kid during the 2nd grade…

 …in the 3rd grade…

and in the 4th grade as well. O diba, undefeated! Haha

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