About Rachelle


Rachelle Ramilo is an advocate of healthy living and disease prevention. She graduated cum laude from University of the Philippines Manila with a BS in Biology. Then, she pursued Doctor of Medicine and has recently graduated from University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Incorporated (UERMMMCI). She is currently a post-graduate intern at the UERMMMCI Hospital.

As a child, she actually aspired to become a number of things — a lawyer, a civil engineer, an architect, and a rock/pop star. Finally, she decided to become a doctor (for a number of reasons). She thought going to med school to become a doctor would be the last decision she’ll make for her career. Then she figured there are lots of specializations possible – Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, etc. Now she’s more than 100% sure of becoming a dermatologist. Let’s see what’ll happen next…

This blog is the result of her desire to share stories about health, skin care, beauty, and travel. Happy reading!

Note: All entries in this blog are non-sponsored, and are based on the author’s own research and opinion. For inquiries, you may send an e-mail to rcramilo@gmail.com.


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