Life Lately: A week during the COVID-19 pandemic

Life Lately Covid

Let’s start with Sunday: My baby turned six months! She hates porridge (unseasoned) but loves everything else we gave her (avocado, squash, banana, chayote, carrot, potato). Her dad fed her small doses of ice cream (Magnum almond and BTIC ube) — she loved it. Should I nag my husband? Hahaha


Monday: As dermatology resident physicians, we still have online conferences to attend. For this day, we had three. Topics discussed were psoriasis, epidermolysis bullosa acquisita (I know what you’re thinking), and human papilloma virus (HPV). My mother-in-law and I also picked up some vaccines for the family.


Tuesday: Another day for an online conference (pediatric dermatology).

Wednesday: I was on duty at the hospital emergency room from 6PM to 6AM.


Thursday: I caught up with some sleep then attended another online conference. I went to an LBC branch near me to send some stuff to a high school friend. I can’t imagine ECQ life without courier companies, especially Grab and Lalamove.

Friday: I was at the Farmer’s Market in Cubao early in the morning.


I saw a few patients at the UERM online clinic as the dermatology resident on duty.



This service is free!

As a typical millennial mom, I always take photos of my baby. I took this after her nap:


Saturday: Another day, another online conference. Husband and I had a milk tea run (no photo because I finished mine immediately haha).


In the evening, I used the last few drops of my glycolic acid for chemical peel on my face.


How are you during this ECQ? Stay safe!


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