Skin Care Regimen: Day and Night

If you’ve been to this blog before, you may have already come across my previous post with my morning skin care regimen. It has been a long time since I posted that entry. I wasn’t a dermatology resident at that time yet, so I figured I should post my updated regimen now that I am wiser. *wink*


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Day and night regimen

  1. Facial wash: Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (non-foaming)
  2. Moisturizer (face and neck): Physiogel AI cream or Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. This depends on the availability of free stocks. Hehe. I got a La Mer moisturising cream from the World Congress of Dermatology I attended a few months ago, so I intend to use it once I finish the tube of Clinique. I wonder if it really is worth the $$$.
  3. Sunscreen (face and neck): Lab 46 SPF45 Matte Sunscreen (fair) or Frezyderm SPF50+ Color Velvet Technology. This also depends on availability. I usually don’t run out of the Lab46 matte sunscreen, but the Frezyderm was given as a gift and it is also really good. I don’t use a foundation for work anymore. I just top it off with mineral powder, and I’m ready to go.
  1. Facial wash: Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
  2. Serum: I have tried C-Glos (vitamin C, niacinamide, etc.) and AOX Ferulic by Mesoestetic (vitamin C, protect-cell complex, ferulic acid). I apply this on my whole face and neck.
  3. Eye cream: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream, but I  apply this only when I am in the mood.
  4. Anti-acne/anti-aging cream: Ask your dermatologist about this!
  5. Moisturizer

For maintenance: I usually have chemical peel with glycolic acid done on my face once a month for facial rejuvenation. There are different kinds of peels for every type of skin and skin problems such as acne, or acne scars. Also note that I have dry skin, so people with combination or oily skin may need to add a toner with certain hydroxy acids or use a different facial wash in their regimen. It is still best to consult your PDS-certified dermatologist to know more.

For pregnant women: Consult your dermatologist to be prescribed with an alternative to the anti-acne cream you are currently using. Since I got pregnant, I haven’t been using my anti-acne cream as much as I did before. It also helps that I’ve been having less breakouts after the first trimester. Hooray for that pregnancy glow! 😉

Again, this is not a sponsored post. It just happens that as a dermatology resident, I receive some of the products mentioned above for free and get to try (and actually like) them. I haven’t tried all the products in our local department store, as well as the ones that are so hot in online stores nowadays. This is the reason why when some of my friends ask me if a certain product is good, I do not comment right away. Instead, I ask them to send me the ingredients list so I can at least check what’s in it. Moreover, I hope this post enlightened you that it is actually not necessary to do the 10-step Korean skin care technique to have good skin.

PS: Shout out to all aspiring dermatologists (in the Philippines)! We are still accepting applicants for our PDS-accredited three-year dermatology residency program at UERMMMCI. See poster below for details.


I should be working on something residency-related. Ciao!

EDIT (8/27/20): Contact me at to know where I get the products mentioned above (100% AUTHENTIC). There are so many fakes sold over the internet. ☹️
♥ Rach

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