Healthy Summer Tips NOT About Sunscreen

Hi, guys! My fourth month at the UERM Hospital as a dermatology resident is about to end but the hot summer days are definitely here to stay. Intense! Am I now just more aware of the harmful effects of the sun (wrinkles, sun spots, burns, cancer) or is the summer heat really becoming worse each day? It seems like just a minute under the sun is enough to cause a sunburn!


Sunset at La Union (March 31, 2018)

Actually, segue ko ‘yan. Haha. I asked some residents in the hospital a few months ago to send me personal anecdotes on their experiences with patients or in the hospital that could provide useful information for the people who may be reading this humble blog. You may think that doctors like it when people get sick, so that there would be more patients in our clinic. FALSE. We want people to be healthy, and we want you to be more aware of ways that you could take good care of yourself. Out of all the residents I have asked, it is only Dr. Christian Lim aka Budoy aka my favorite neurology resident, who gave me a piece to post. Maybe it’s because some of the residents I contacted were too busy to write something like this or they don’t like to be published on a blog. Hehe. Below is a piece perfect for summer from Dr. Lim. Thanks, Budoy!

During summer, many patients feel dizzy, they may simply dismiss it as a result or the body’s response to heat. While this may be true, this may also herald a life threatening illness.

In the Philippines, the local term for dizziness – hilo; connotes more meaning than one. To some it is light headedness, spinning, swaying, even a headache. Thus it is important to differentiate one from the other as this would have great impact on their health – and life. Nonetheless, dizziness is an indication to go to the emergency room. If you have illnesses such as diabetes, and hypertension this may be due to a stroke in the base of your brain. A stroke in this area is life threatening, and early intervention is needed. To others this may be a result of an increase in their blood pressure, or their blood sugar levels have gone haywire! Or perhaps just a low blood pressure due to dehydration.

This summer, keep healthy by avoiding too much heat, hydrate, and take your medications. The summer heat is best enjoyed in the beach, not the hospital.

Keep safe and healthy.


If I have something to add, yes, it would be that you wear your sunscreen! Haha! SPF50 or higher is now recommended. Also, don’t forget your umbrella, shades, and wide-brimmed hats. See you on the beach! I’ll be in Batangas this Labor Day weekend. Hehe.



All smiles here because it was already past 5PM, and I didn’t forget to wear my sunscreen. Hahaha #preach




PS: The blog has already turned 3 years old last February. Yay! I’ll be having a giveaway soon!

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