Sagada Photo Diary: The Coffee Heritage House

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I got a totally different experience when I visited Sagada for the second time, not only because I went there alone, but also because I chose to skip most of the tourist destinations and stayed at a hostel far from the town center.


Just like my very first solo trip to Cebu, this visit to Sagada was also a decision made on a whim. I never thought I’d travel solo again but I did, and I think I am getting good at it. HAHA

This post is entirely about the Coffee Heritage House and my visit to one of their coffee farm partners. Unlike the other hotels in Sagada, staying here is already an extraordinary experience by itself. It will make you feel closer to nature since it is literally at the mountain top, surrounded by pine trees.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.



You have to be familiar with the jeepney schedules at the town first. From the poblacion (center), ride a jeep going to Bangaan and tell the driver that you’re going to CHH. You’ll get dropped off at an elementary school. Ask the locals where the trail is and just follow it. It will take you less than 10 minutes to get to the hotel.

DSC06956DSC06847DSC06848 (2)DSC06850 (2)DSC06851 (2)DSC06932DSC06862 (2)DSC06868


I booked my trip through Agoda for around 600 pesos per night which supposedly comes with a continental breakfast. However, I wanted I wanted to try the danggit and their special adobo so I had to pay an additional 200 pesos for each meal — worth it.



Nothing beats the experience of enjoying a nice cup of tea or arabica coffee while looking out the window!




During my last night in Sagada, I had dinner with the staff and the two other guests. We had adobo and Japanese curry with my now favorite black rice.

DSC07043 (2)

We had Bugnay wine right after. Thanks, Hana!

DSC07051 (2)DSC07055

I’d like to say that I was the one who set the fire but it was actually Ryan. HAHA

DSC07059 (2)

Such a cozy evening!



Manang Mary’s farm was a few minutes walk from the hostel. I was fortunate enough to come with Tito John (one of the owners) to visit her farm. While walking with Tito John, I learned about the different types of coffee, how coffee is planted, and how they are working with farmers and scientists to produce more and better organic arabica coffee in Sagada.


I was so lucky because I got to stay inside Manang Mary’s house to have coffee, which she prepared the traditional way. We also had a tour inside her vegetable greenhouse. I wish I could have a green thumb as well!


It is best to bring a car if you’ll be staying here, otherwise you’ll have to take note of the jeepney trip schedule and be ready to pay an additional 500 pesos every time you book a tour since they would have to fetch you very early in the morning.

My stay at the CHH was definitely one for the books, and I wish that I could go back someday with my family and friends. I’ll write about my Sagada Poblacion adventure next. Stay tuned!



5 thoughts on “Sagada Photo Diary: The Coffee Heritage House

  1. Did you go to Sagada by car?
    You’re such a brave lady. I hope you could share more solo travels in the future. I feel like you have a good social skill since you were able to share a table and mingle with the hotel staff and guests.

    XO, Clint


    • Hi, Clint! I went there by bus. There’s a bus line called Codalines that offers trips from QC straight to Sagada, and vice versa. 🙂

      I wish I could travel more often. Travelling solo is fun but nothing beats the company of friends and family when exploring new places. Thank you for reading my posts! 🙂


  2. Hey Rachelle!

    Good stuff! I love your photos!! Was it easy to get in and out of CHH via jeepney? We don’t plan to do the traditional tour but we do want to still see Kiltepan and other things.

    Do you have tips on how to do it?



    • Hi, Aia! During the morning, yes. But past 5PM it will be hard to get back to CHH, unless you rent a jeep or have a tour guide who can bring you back to CHH (with an additional cost). I suggest you contact CHH first (they have an active Facebook account), maybe they can assist you with your planning. 😊 Hope this helps!



      • Thanks Rach! I have booked them already. I already texted them as well. I think they’re kinda busy, but we’ll manage. 🙂 I can’t wait already!


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