Before February, the best month ever, officially ends, I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this blog. You may be a friend or a relative of mine who is sometimes obliged to like and occasionally share my posts on Facebook (hehe), a colleague in the hospital, or we may be perfect strangers (just like the song diba hahaha), basta whoever you are, I am always grateful for the time you spend reading my entries. I do hope that you learn from what I write or are entertained by my musings.

Two nights ago, before sleeping, I followed an advice from the self-help books that I’ve read, and started writing a list of things I was grateful for. I was about to write the 30th entry (of course, this blog and all the readers are part of the list!), when I realized that the list may reach up to a hundred or more. I was not in the mood to write that much so I decided to stop, and just write a list on a weekly basis, every Sunday (kasi ambisyosa naman na magawa ko to without fail every night, #realtalk). I slept with a happy heart, and woke up with a very big smile on my face (not kidding, sobrang gaan ng pakiramdam ko the following morning). So guys, I guess it’s just normal for people like us to yearn for things (or people, char) we don’t have yet, but the most important part is that while we long and work hard for these things, we appreciate the people and experiences that we have/had in our lives. So there, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and happy second anniversary to us!

Here’s to more years of blogging, learning, and living!



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