My morning skin care regimen plus the moisturizers and sunscreens that I love

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

I recently posted about the importance of knowing your skin type in order to follow an appropriate skin care regimen. In this post, I am going to share with you the few products I use every morning and the best moisturizers and sunscreens that I have tried so far. Here’s the truth — the key to a good skin is consistency, dedication, and discipline (naks, parang fitness lang haha). In short, there is no such thing as “a magical cream” to achieve a clear, healthy skin with just a single application!

My morning skin care regimen is so basic that I don’t have a hard time doing it every single day. Note that my skin is innately dry. However, I would still talk about options for those with an oily skin type. Here’s my regimen, including product reviews:

1. Cleanser

I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, which I have been using since high school. This works for me since this is non-foaming (read: hindi bumubula). I learned that foaming cleansers are more suited for oily skin types. An alternative would be Dove sensitive soap and other non-foaming facial wash.

2. Moisturizer

This is a must-have for everyone who has dry skin. Those with oily skin may or may not opt to use a moisturizer. It depends on how moisturized your skin feels like.


I apply moisturizer immediately after cleansing in order to secure the little hydration that my dry skin has. I have experimented with a lot of moisturizers but my top pick would be Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (1900 pesos per 125 mL) and Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (around 2500 pesos per 50 mL — I was given a sample by a friend). I like both because they are non-greasy and lightweight, very important features considering the tropical climate and humidity in our country. Comparing the two, I’d say Clinique Moisture Surge works better (okay, ito talaga parang magic); but then, it is more expensive (unemployed pa po ako huhu). It is best to check for prices at Clinique mall branches.


I have recently discovered Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer when I was searching for more affordable versions of Clinique moisturizers. It only costs around 500 pesos per 124 mL bottle (available at Watson’s) and works pretty well — also lightweight and non-greasy. The amount of hydration it provides is a bit less than how the other two Clinique products work but I would buy this again when I run out of stock since it is more budget-friendly.

Here’s a tip when buying cosmetic products: It is preferable to buy non-fragrant ones because perfume in cosmetic products is likely to cause an allergic reaction or produce comedones (that eventually become pimples). Learn more about the ingredients in your beauty products that may cause your acne breakouts here.

3. Topical medication

My skin is definitely not perfect, especially when it is almost THAT time of the month. When there is a pimple about to erupt, or that have successfully undermined my face, I would apply certain medications. Make sure to use the ones prescribed by your dermatologist or physician. Certain over-the-counter products like “BL cream” should not be used on the face. It has steroid and anti-fungal components that are actually not indicated for the treatment of acne. It may be “effective” initially but it can cause skin atrophy (thinning), increased hair growth, and other side effects. Do you really want to have increased facial hair? I don’t think so. Warn your friends! Moreover, skin rashes may or may not be caused by fungi or bacteria. This is why skin diseases have different treatments. Again, there isn’t a single cream that can cure all types of rashes in the world.

4. Sunscreen

Everyone must realize the importance of using sunscreen every single day. Even if you’re mostly staying in your classroom or office throughout the day.

A photo uploaded by The New England Journal of Medicine in 2012 proved that sun exposure plays an important role in skin aging aka wrinkling.


This is a case of Unilateral Dermatoheliosis. “Unilateral” because as you can see, the patient’s left side of the face is more wrinkled than the right. “Dermatoheliosis” means that the skin is damaged by the sun exposure. Now, we know why it is important to WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY, not only because sun rays cause wrinkling of the skin, but also because sun exposure is a risk factor for developing skin cancer.

If you are confused on the grade of sunscreen (SPF 15 vs 30 vs 50 and so on) to use, read this. It is best to buy a product that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. It is also best to re-apply sunscreen every two hours; but to be honest, I am still working on making this a habit. Nobody’s perfect! Haha!

Perhaps the number one reason why people are not fond of using sunscreen is that they don’t like how it makes their face greasy. To put it simply, they just still haven’t found THE ONE (lelz). I used to have the same problem until I tried the following products:


Lab46 SPF45 Matte Finish Sunblock
This would be my first love because this product made me realize that not all sunscreens are greasy and heavy on the skin. Another thing I like about this product is that I don’t have to use foundation or powder on top anymore, since it has a matte finish. It is available in two shades of nude — one with a pinkish tone, the other with a yellow hue. Actually, I find this more suitable for those with oily skin type. When my dry skin acts up, using this makes the flaking more obvious. I only use this when my face feels and looks really hydrated.


Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA ++++
This is what I use on a daily basis. It is lightweight, non-greasy, and suited for dry skin types. It leaves a refreshing feel, possibly due to its alcohol content, which is countered by the moisturizing effect of its other ingredients, most notable of which is sodium hyaluronate. It has a clear finish so I apply make-up (powder) on top, after waiting for a few minutes for it to dry. I started using this about six months ago and still haven’t used up the entire bottle (85 mL), which was actually given by a friend who went to Japan. It is a lot cheaper there, of course, but this is already available at Watson’s, around 500 pesos per 40mL bottle.

On the other hand, my friends who have oily skin swear by Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50+ PA ++++ (around 500 pesos per 50mL).


Provamed Sun Face SPF 50+ PA +++ Non-Chemical Sunscreen
This one was given to be by a friend who is a dermatologist. This one’s in liquid form, with a subtle nude finish. Like Biore, it is also lightweight, and suited for dry skin. This actually makes my face feel more hydrated after application. It initially leaves a shiny/greasy layer but disappears in less than a minute. Just like when I am using Biore, I still apply powder on top. I have yet to ask my friends with oily skin to try this product; but with the slightly greasy finish, they may not like this. It only has (+++) UVA protection, compared to (++++) of the Biore products.

And that, my friends, is my morning skin care regimen. It takes me less than 10 minutes to do these simple steps. This regimen, I diligently follow everyday for my face. However, I have yet to work on the habit of applying  lotion on my whole body, especially on the sun-exposed areas like the legs and arms. I should probably leave the bottle of lotion in the restroom instead — moisturizer plus sunscreen na kasi hassle naman kung hiwalay pa, diba? Haha

I will try to use body lotion everyday, I promise. Ikaw rin, okay?


EDIT (September 09, 2019): I posted a new entry with my updated day and night skin care regimen here. Check it out!

10 thoughts on “My morning skin care regimen plus the moisturizers and sunscreens that I love

  1. Rach! I love Biore sunscreen too 😍😍 and it lasted me for almost 5 months. Sulit!

    Oil still does not equal to moisture in my opinion. Even if i have oily skin, often I feel like it’s dehydrated. 😢 so I think moisturizer is still a must even just at night (if waay too oily). 😉

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  3. I also have the Lab46 SPF45 Matte Finish Sunblock. I loved it but the only issue is how to get a hold of it 😦 Can only get it from dermatologists 😦


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