Skin Care Basics: Know Your Skin Type

Two years ago, I was completely lost on how to start a skin care regimen. I was clueless on which type of cleanser to use or whether or not I should buy a toner. I didn’t even know what a toner was for. Is it for cleaning the face or already a medication in itself? Moisturizer — do I really need that?

Perhaps the most important thing I learned about my skin is that it is VERY DRY. Why? Knowing my skin type helped me find products that work for me. Each skin type has its own needs. For example, a dry skin needs adequate hydration. Applying moisturizer everyday is more powerful and effective than a monthly visit to a facialist.

From beauty magazines, one might learn that skin types are simply oily, dry, normal, combination, or sensitive. However, there are many ways dermatologists categorize the skin. They can refer to skin types based on response to sun exposure (this is through the “Fitzpatrick” skin type classification). To know your Fitzpatrick skin type, click here.

However, since we’re more concerned about individualized skin care regimen, I found the classification by Dr Leslie Baumann more useful and appropriate. Click here to take the quiz.

Afterwards, get a glimpse of what type of products you should be using on your face based on your skin type through this link. My skin type is DSPT (dry, sensitive, pigmented, and tight). What’s yours? 🙂

If you find this post helpful, share this to your friends! In another entry, I’ll be writing about my skin care regimen. Stay tuned!


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