On internship and wearing the white coat

Hi, world! It’s been two months since my last post and this is a sign that this blog and its author are still alive!

What’s up with life lately? Well, post-graduate internship has started! I’m an intern now, meaning I am in my fifth (and last!) year on the road to becoming a licensed doctor.

All of us were really excited to wear our coats (lakas maka-aura!) but the tropical climate proves to be a challenge. For my group, first stop was two months in OB-GYN, which is already coming to an end in about a week.

I know I’ve set my brain, heart, and soul into Dermatology but if I need to have a second choice, I guess it would be OB-GYN. But then, if you really want something then there’s no need for a second option hence it will always be Derm. Haha!

Two of my co-interns and I also had the chance to present at a conference about our patient with conjoined twin pregnancy. It was nerve-racking to speak in front of our seniors who are experts in their field but it was a great experience! We could really use the opportunity to present cases during internship as a preparation for residency.

This is just a quick update and hopefully, I could post a new entry very soon. I miss blogging!


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