THE READING LIST: On dietary supplements you actually need, the real deal about moderate drinking, and the importance of vaccination


I am a firm believer of the internet being a great tool for health education hence the birth of this blog segment. I originally wanted to post a new list every week but let’s just say every two weeks is more feasible. Click the link (title) to be directed to the full article.

Here it is, Volume 2 of The Reading List! ūüôā

The Truth Behind the Top 10 Dietary Supplements (via WebMD)

Multivitamins and other dietary supplements are so “in” since God knows when, but should we really take them? Some people i.e. nursing mothers, pregnant women, strict vegetarians, people with allergies and food intolerance, and senior citizens definitely need specific food supplements. How about a young adult with no known illness, or those trying to lose weight and build muscles? Promise me to read this article so you wouldn’t waste your money (or your parents’) on the non-essential stuff. Also, too much of anything is bad. If you’re taking supplements, make sure you are consuming the right amount. Most are NOT¬†like Vitamin C, whose excess amount you get to easily excrete in your urine.

Is moderate drinking really good for you? Jury’s still out.¬†(via Science Daily)

Many people believe a glass of wine with dinner will help them live longer and healthier — but the scientific evidence is shaky at best, according to a new research analysis.” A glass of red wine may be good for you, but unlikely because of the alcohol content. Claims of alcohol being beneficial to our health should be taken with skepticism.

Hygiene practices affect contact lens case contamination (via Science Daily)

I’m guilty of not always observing proper hygiene habits with respect to my contact lenses. So, here’s a summary for you (and me, LOL): 1) Wash hands with soap and water before handling them; 2) Disinfecting solutions and cases should be of the same brand or manufacturer as your lenses’ and 3) Air-dry your cases face down after cleaning them. We don’t want eye infections, do we?

Five Ways to Eat Less Without Thinking About It (via Eat Clean)

We’ve surely¬†read about these tips several times before from different sources. These five tricks for eating less really work for me, especially this — drinking¬†water before each meal.¬†However,¬†¬†I sometimes forget about them. So, here’s a reminder! Let’s get that beach body ready!

The Power of Herd Immunity (via Ted)

Know that when getting vaccinated, you don’t only protect yourself, but also others. By “others,” I refer to¬†the people around you, and in turn, the people around them. The link actually directs to a video (make sure to turn the subtitle on). You may want to view the interactive script if you prefer to read.

Note that the published article about MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine being linked to autism in children was proven to be FRAUDULENT hence retracted by the journal responsible for the publication. Of course, vaccines have potential complications but these are mostly mild and temporary (i.e. fever) and the benefits of being vaccinated definitely outweigh the possibility of complications. Now is the time to consult your doctor about the vaccine boosters you need, fit for your age and current health condition.


Here’s a picture of me after my second shot (out of three) of HPV vaccine. On another blog post, I’ll tell you more about why I got this vaccine, and why you should, too.



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