Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar: A Reason to Go All the Way to Bataan

I have been contemplating if I would share travel posts with you, guys. My original plan was to share only skin care and wellness tips to readers. However, I realized that keeping a healthy body also involves having a sound and happy mind, and what better way to keep one’s spirits up than to experience what life has to offer (aka travelling)! Also, the truth is, I miss the adventures now that I’ve been working as an intern in the hospital for five months now. In a way, sharing tips and photos from other places would be an escape for me. So now, I would like to share with you why Bataan (a province in Luzon, Philippines) should be marked on your maps.

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Getting Your Dream Body: Expectations vs Reality

They say that in order to win, you should know how to deal with your enemy. But what would you do when your enemy is yourself? Like when you’re trying to achieve that dream body of yours, nobody actually tells you that you should not do it. I consider myself a victor after leaving my obese self behind a few years back. However, I find it hard to get my dream body (read: fit and toned, thigh gap unnecessary). But why is it so hard? I’ve always tried but then I can’t seem to finish what I have started every single f**king time! Continue reading

MUST KNOW: Non-Laser Hair Removal

I am not sure at which point in the history of women’s vanity did girls start caring about their underarm hair (and hair elsewhere). But when I hit adolescence, I automatically had the notion, as I have observed my mom over the years, that I had to keep my underarms hair-free. Well, it is the norm until now, although I am aware that there has been a number of movements for girls to embrace their armpit hair. There are so many revolutions at this time that it gets hard to keep myself updated. Now, look at what I just found… Continue reading

Healthy Eating Made Easy (Part 2)

Hi, guys! I just finished my two-month Internal Medicine rotation; I didn’t realize eight weeks could fly so fast! I definitely acquired a lot of wisdom but still, there are so much more to learn. I’ve come to know how true what our mentors always tell us, that the art and science of medicine requires continuous reading and education. There’s no escaping the big books and journal articles!

Most of the patients I have seen, out-patient basis or admitted, have either hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, hypercholesterolemia (having too much cholesterol in the blood) or were obese. For sure, you already know how having a balanced diet could prevent the complications of these conditions, if not totally prevent their occurrence. It is never too late to change what and how you eat!

This is the second part of the ultimate guide to healthy eating that I’ve been working on. Read the first part here. Enjoy! 🙂

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