That acne, your self esteem, and the other things in between

Hola! Some of my friends have been wondering why I haven’t posted in a while. It’s a shame to admit this but I haven’t written a post these past few weeks because I’ve been breaking out since the start of clerkship. It’s like I have a pimple after another. The worst part is that each pimple tends to become pustular (read: kadiri, having pus or “nana”). I thought “nakakahiya naman” to write about skin care tips when I couldn’t even take good care of my own skin, or when my regimen doesn’t work for me anymore. I have the gene for instant pimple activation whenever I do not get enough sleep or during/near that time of the month. However, this is the first time for me to get this much acne and it’s actually been giving me some sort of stress.

So the thought about self esteem came to me, and I realized how physical appearance Continue reading