How to maximize your visit to the dermatologist

Some people may go to their dermatologist regularly, but there are a lot who only visit their skin doctor whenever they are having an acne breakout, i.e. when the good old anti-acne cream is not working anymore. I actually consult a dermatologist only once or twice in a year!

In reality, the key to make the most out of your visit (and money!) to your doctor would be to ASK QUESTIONS! Your doctor is always there to answer your questions with the best of her/his ability. The challenge for a patient might be to think of the right questions to ask. This post is here to help you! I listed some pointers to help you formulate the right things to ask your “derma” on your next visit. You’re welcome!

1. Your whole body, not just your face, is covered with skin!

Majority of people go to the dermatology clinic to consult about their face, concerned about the pimples, blackheads, or wrinkles for instance. Why inquire only about these when you can ask about your stretch marks, that weird mole, the dandruff that never goes away or those rashes? Your dermatologist cannot only help you with your acne problems but also with other matters concerning the skin, scalp, hair and nails, so ask away!

2. What’s in there?


A lot of dermatologists actually prescribe medications with no ingredients written on the label. It’s your right to know what’s in that cream so that you can read further on its effect whenever you feel like it. Moreover, it’s also the doctor’s duty to explain to the patient the potential side effect of a certain cream or pill. However, some doctors forget (they shouldn’t but they are also human!), so don’t hesitate to ask about it for you to know what to do if the drug is unfortunately not compatible with you!

3. Are you doing it right?

Most of us already have a morning and night skin regimen. The question is, are you doing it right? Tell your doctor about your routine so she can comment or tell you what should be modified. You might think you need that toner, but you don’t. Or maybe that cream is not for your skin type and is only making your face break out more. You’ll never know unless you ask!

This list is short, but I hope it helps! Before I end this post, let me remind you that asking the right questions is only half of the equation. Your visit to the dermatologist will always be worth it if you found the right doctor! Doctors did not come out of a factory. Not all dermatologists are made equal. Let’s admit it, some are better than others! You need a doctor who knows what he or she is talking about, and who actually knows how to talk to patients. Thus it’s your job to consult with the doctor you actually trust!

Why don’t you tell me about your most recent visit to your dermatologist? 🙂

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